We believe that with the right technology growing your business becomes easier!


Founded in 2012, kwalit is a company dedicated to the implementation of management (ERP) and collaboration solutions.

Focused on helping companies, kwalit seeks in each project to bridge the gap between strategy and results. Improving processes, increasing productivity, maximizing the value of each employee and ensuring that your needs are actually satisfied.

Kwalit’s mission is to translate the needs of each client by implementing fit, agile and functional solutions that simplify your day-to-day life.

That is why over the years, we have focused on the implementation and development of solutions that are adaptable to the specific needs of our customers, establishing partnerships with them.


We have established the bridge between strategy and results!


We implement solutions that simplify your day-to-day life



We provide consulting and management services, taking into account your goals, your needs, your market and the size of your company




We want to help you grown your business and differenciate your company from the competition. That’s why we develop solutions that are totally tailored for you.  




We build training plans to ensure that your company and your employees have all the knowledge necessary to work with the software intuitively


Customer support


We have a support and help desk team with experienced professionals, who aim to help and solve all the problems that our customers may have with the software. 


With the right methodology we respond effectively to the needs of our customers

In order to develop a solution based on information technologies, a methodology is required that responds effectively to the needs of each client.

At kwalit, we develop different projects for different areas but we use the same path to reach the final goal.

Simplify the lifes in business by increasing value.