How to select a ERP for your company

Selecting a ERP seems to be a complicated task? We help you simplify this process.

See here some tips that you have to keep in mind.

The selection of a ERP should follow some criterias such as:

1. Realize what your real needs are

Try to make a lists of all your functional needs, concerning your internal processes.

2 Set a responsable team

Given that this is a complex process with many variables (cultural changes, people management, time, cost, etc.) Set the Responsible team to monitor the whole process from the start,  to the final stage of implementation of the ERP.

3. Make a good analysis of the suppliers

Make a thorough analysis to the market and look for a reliable supplier with experience and quality customer support. Make comparisons and remember of the following items to consider: price, ease of implementation, ease of operation, technical quality of the system vendor’s experience and quality of the customer support department.

4. Check the credibility of the system with other users

Verify the  credibility of the system with other companies that already use the system. Not only brings you more security and confidence as allows you to see and understand the system in real time.

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