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Know how mobile CRM has changed your business!

That world become mobile, there is no doubts. That companies are increasingly focusing on mobile CRM tools to create relationships with their customers, also not.

But are you truly aware of what has changed in your business and with your sales team? Find the answer here.

We can say that we are in the era where CRM reached its potential, hand in hand with technology and marketing.

Sell now became easier, intuitive and just a click away.

Let’s see what has changed:

1 Mobility

The need to go to the office to report data, consult information about the client or the products and follow up an order, simply no longer makes sense. Now you can do it quickly and intuitively without having to go to the office.

Giving the flexibility that your sales team needs to be an active on moving, always ready to sell faster and better.

2 Build a close relationship with the client

With mobile CRM becomes easier to build a close relationship with the client. Timely you can show to your clients your products in a dynamic and interactive way, give them all the information about prices, stocks and characteristics and create an order. Without wasting time, face to face and with the support that client needs to take an action.

Your sales team stops waiting for an opportunity to sell and instead creates it.

3 Planning and organizing tasks

Have you ever thought about how easy it is planning and organize tasks with CRM Mobile? Today you have access to your list of tasks, your scheduled visits, notes, sales statistics and have the possibility of sending relevant information to your back office.

Allowing you to plan and organize your work, and focus on what truly matters: the client.

4 Sell more and better

With mobile CRM the sales process has changed! Now you have more time to devote to client and to their needs. You don’t waste more time on routine tasks, on travels to the office and everything you need to sell more and better is a simple click away.

If you don’t have a mobile CRM tool know kstore and accelerate your sales on the field!

Ask for a demo without compromise.

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