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Need to access your sales reports but forgot or didn’t have time to go to the office?

For sure one of these two situations below has happened to you:

  1. Forgot to pull out a sales report before a client visit.
  2. Running out of time to stop by the office to analyse your sales reports before a client visit.

What to do? Arrive late to the shedule meeting? Cancel the visit?

When we plan a client visit, we should be informed.

These are some of the things that we must know:

  • Who is the client and what it is history?
  • Which products this client usually purchases?
  • When was his last order?
  • How is the current account of the client?

With an overview of the sales reports we have access to all these questions. And for this reason the sales report is an essential tool of management and communication with your client.

When we don’t have this informations we are missing an opportunity of communication and probably of closing a sales deal.

So when one of the two situations above happens, we know that we are facing a problem.

How can we change this ?

Have you ever thought on the possibility of having access to your sales report on a mobile application?

Well that is possible! With kstore, you can access to your sales reports on real time anywhere.

How does it work? 

kstore is a tablet application for Android,Windows or IOS that connected with your ERP system allows you to access what you need on a simple click.

What are the benefits?

  • You have access what you need when you need.
  • You are prepared to close a deal at any time.
  • You stop worry about carrying on a pill of reports whenever you have a client visit.
  • You show to your clients that you are aware of all relevant information.
  • You focused more on building a relationship with your client.
  • You optimize time and improve the performance of your business.

What you can do with kstore?

With kstore and what concerns to reports, you can:

  • See how your sales are going: by year, month, day, client, product and type of product.
  • Have a vision of the evolution of sales by seller and of the overall business.
  • Make sales comparisons of past periods with current periods.
  • See the historical of clients.
  • Analyse the evolution of your goals/budget.
  • Have a vision of the money you collected from clients to deliver to your backoffice.

Need more information? kstore is flexible. If you need more information we will give it  you. You need, we create.

What our clients say

With kstore we achieved a better performance. Our sales team are more informed and have all the tools to close the sale. ” Casa Peixoto

Want to know more information about kstore?

Contact us for more information or get access to more exclusive content here.

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