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Do you need to have access to your planning customers visits, from anywhere?

Do you want to provide a better service to your client and optimize time ?

>Know more about the tool that allows you to access your planning customer visits, manage all the information about your customers and send reports of the visits you made to your back office.

How does it work? 

kstore is a tablet application for Android,Windows or IOS that connected with your ERP system allows you to access what you need on a simple click.

What you can do with kstore?

With kstore you can plan and streamline your entire sales process.

And as we already mentioned here, you can access and manage your reports.

Through routes menu you can:
  • Have an overview of all your scheduled visits to customers, previously planned in the backoffice;
  • Start a visit by clicking on the check in bottom, enabling a set of activities in the application;
  • Fill a report with all the details of the visit and sent it to the backoffice;
  • Have access to a set of information about the client, at the time of the sale such as: last visits, last orders, credit limits, a list with suggested products etc.
  • Consult previous visits reports;
What are the benefits?
  • Access from anywhere to your planning of visits to customers;
  • Plan and organize your time on the client and with the client;
  • Register and send to your backoffice relevant information of the visit you made. Allowing your backoffice learn more about the client and act accordingly;
  • Reduce waiting times and optimise the relationship with your client;

What our clients say

“The maxim that time is money is true. With kstore our sales team benefits from time management but also of organization and planning, streamlining the entire sales process.” ILTT

Want to know more information about kstore?

Contact us to get more information or ask for a demo without any commitment.

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