Improve the efficiency of your business with the collaboration between your resources!


Synergy Enterprise is a collaboration platform accessible via web or via mobile that lets you integrate, manage, control and improve how all tof your resources work together to add value to your business. 

With Synergy Enterprise you simplifie, plan, manage, monitor, comunicate, collaborate and control your business in collaboration with your employees, partners, suppliers and customers. In a simple and a safe way through a portal online


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Synergy Enterprise simplifies, structures, and supports all your human resources processes from the time someone is recruited to the time they leave.

Focusing on all aspects: recruitment, first day, training and development, absences, performance evaluations, alerts and notifications, secure records, HR reports and management of the resources leave.



Synergy Enterprise seeks to help companies plan, structure, monitor and control their projects in an easy, simple way without wasting much of their time and more importantly in collaboration with all intervening resources.

Focusing on all aspects of the life cycle of a project: project settings, global and real-time view, project planning, collaboration and communication with resources, allocation of hours and expenses, and quick billing and simple charging.



With Synergy Enterprise everyone has a customer-centric and customer sales cycle role. Everyone can easily access, archive, contribute and share relevant information about the customer, creating sales opportunities

With Synergy Enterprise now you can: manage leads and marketing; manage alerts; manage opportunities; make analyses and reports,  and manage customer loyalty.



Synergy Enterprise gathers and centralizes your documents and gives you the secure access you need when you’re away.




Synergy Enterprise allows you to create workflows, putting all your resources into communication and collaboration.
With the clear vision of each individual’s work and the state of each process, it becomes easier to increase productivity and results.


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